Birth Pangs

78 - Virtual Reality: One World, Different Rules

Virtual Reality Virtual Reality: One World, Different Rules Studio Session 78 Sam Soleyn - 'We are racing toward a global society based not in geography, but in technology.  The mindset is, as a people, we cannot survive apart from being integrated into a global scheme.  There has never been a global kingdom on the earth until now.  This virtual global kingdom is represented by the fourth beast in Daniel's vision.'

85 - A Woman in Labor

Signs of the End of the Age A Woman in Labor Sam Soleyn 01/2006 - 'Human events are meant to be the background around which the return of the Lord will take place.  Jesus meant for us to have abundant and copious signs of His return; signs in the heavens and signs in the earth.  These signs will occur in a rhythm comparable to child birth.'

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