Dominican Republic Session 7

Dominican Republic Session 7 December 2014 - 'Before The Lord returns, the spirit of Elijah must be released as a corporate anointing.  The spirit of Elijah always comes before there is a literal return of The Lord.  This spirit will manifest through His church as they prepare the way for The Lord to come.'

Dominican Republic Session 6

Dominican Republic Session 6 December 2014 - 'Man was created with the innate capacity to relate exactly to God, because man has a spirit.  The origin of that spirit is by endowment out of the person of God Himself.  This makes man inherently capable of hearing God.  When man sinned, his connection to his life source died.'

Savannah Georgia Session 1

Doug Allen September 2014 - 'No one has ever come to full maturity by attending an apostolic or prophetic conference.  Full maturity can only be attained through the relationship of father and son.  Small gatherings like these serve to show us how we connect together, one on one, and where we fit into the Body of Christ.'

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