Defining the New Season

Defining the New Season 4/2010 - 'This season is about understanding what goes with being reconciled to God.  The shift is away from the good works associated with going to heaven and towards a reconciliation where God is working through you in every circumstance of life; good works that put the face of God in your face.'

06 Sam Soleyn Part 1B

06 Sam Soleyn Part 1B - 'When your information comes as revelation from God, as opposed to information which comes through reason by means of the soul, the mind of the spirit frames this information using knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and counsel and the result is that you see reality as God sees reality.'

29 - Repentance

Elementary Doctrines Repentance Studio Session 29 Sam Soleyn 01//2004 - 'Repentance from acts that lead to death is a way of canceling your association with your former life, expelling any hold the enemy may have in your life, and moving on to pursue your destiny in God.  If you have never learned this elementary doctrine, then you whole life will be consumed with dead works.'

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