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Celebration of Sonship 2018 - Session 4 - Sam Soleyn

Celebration of Sonship 2018 - Session 4 - Sam Soleyn - “In the volume of the Book that is written about you, the story includes suffering in order to enter God’s rest. God chose to make the Captain of our faith perfect in suffering and tells us to arm ourselves with the same attitude, because he who has suffered in the flesh ceases from sin. If there is anything left in you to oppose your destiny, that is exactly where your enemy will control you.

Dominican Republic Session 1

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - Sam Soleyn - 'This school will begin to unpack the eternal intentions of God for regathering His people, for repositioning them, and for reestablishing them in the earth.  Our intention is to begin to show you the revelation of scripture that shows what happens when the son of God comes home to his Father.'

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