Single Women's Conference Part 2

Single Women's Conference Part 2 - The spirit of a son of God when put into the body of a woman is meant to show a specific aspect of God.  A woman is a son because she has the right of inheritance of the Father's name, of the Father's presence and of all of the endowments of the Father.

Kingdom Connections - Session 4B

Kingdom Connections - Session 4B Sam Soleyn - 'God speaks to us by the Spirit;  His Spirit speaks to our spirit.  Our spirit then brings our soul under the leadership of the Spirit.  The soul under the instruction of the spirit, tells the body how to live so that man no more lives in the flesh, but by the Spirit.'

12 - The Reminder of God's Provision

The Reminder of God's Provision - 'Spiritual warfare and spiritual authority are the operative realities in which every believer lives every day.  We are born again into an environment of war.  Jesus Himself did not undertake warfare with the enemy by His own authority.  We are all to operate by the power and authority of the One who is greater than our enemy.'

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