115 - Jesus the Delegate of God

Jesus the Delegate of God Sam Soleyn 5/2007 - 'The Father had all authority in heaven and on earth.  He gave this authority to the Son, who always acted within the scope of that authority, only doing what the Father was doing.  The Holy Spirit distributes the authority of Jesus to men and women through the various gifts of empowerment.'

33 - Baptism of the Spirit Part 2

Elementary Doctrines Baptism of the Spirit Part 2 Studio Session 33 Sam Soleyn 01/2004 - 'Baptism 'by' the Spirit, in contrast to baptism 'of' the Spirit, results not in power, but in identity.  Baptism by the Spirit assembles you into the Body of Christ as the part that God designed you to be in order to live out the destiny God had in mind for you before you were in your mother's womb.'

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