Kingdom Connections - Session 1A

Kingdom Connections - Session 1A Sam Soleyn - 'In this season, God is purging our unbelief so that a company of people can go up and possess what God is offering.  The people of God love His presence, but are still largely an uncircumcised generation.  Fathers are given by God to perform this circumcision through deliverance from strongholds.'

Session 8A - Worship/Prophetic

Session 8A - Worship/Prophetic Sam Soleyn - Praise and Worship;  'The living God has His attention turned to His handmaidens, the handmaidens of The Lord.  He speaks a word of deliverance for the sons who are female representatives in the kingdom; a word to heal grief and affliction and bring women to rest.'

104 - The Kingdom of the Enemy

The Gospel of the Kingdom The Kingdom of the Enemy Studio Session 104 Sam Soleyn 03/18/2006 - 'The kingdom of darkness entraps people by taking complete advantage of the human soul, because the human soul is positioned in such a way as to oppose the human spirit.  The frontier of the war is between the spirit and the soul, because each is operating from a paradigm in opposition to the other.'

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