Savannah Georgia Session 5

Sam Soleyn September 2014 - 'A father projects the horizons of the next generation far beyond what he was able to reach himself, because a father sees himself projected through the generations into the future.  A father commits the representation of himself to his children.  That is humility.'

S19 - Tzit, Tzit

S19 - Tzit, Tzit - 'Creation was made to submit to the Son.  Whenever the principles of sonship are violated, the earth will rebel and vomit out its inhabitants.  When Adam violated the principles of sonship, the earth rebelled with thorns and thistles.  Creation responds only to a son, as evidenced by Jesus walking on water.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 3B

Kingdom Connections - Session 3B Sam Soleyn - 'Before God permitted Jesus to speak for Him, before He said, 'This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to him', Jesus learned obedience by the things he suffered.  Jesus was disciplined as a son before he was able to take on the representation of his Father.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 1B

Kingdom Connections - Session 1B Sam Soleyn - 'God has ordained a process by which He Himself is involved in our responses, so that we may respond righteously.  It is the nature of God to send the corrupt first in the fashion of the refiner to remove the dross and to refine the metal.  This is God's process of discipline.'


The Holy Nation Part 1A

The Holy Nation Part 1A Sam Soleyn 10/2010 - How does a Holy Nation function?  Fathers learn the value of each other.  The goal is fathers and sons mature so that they we be ready to become the Holy Nation.


16 Dana Ernest

16 Dana Ernest - 'The cry of the heart of many of the people of God today is, 'I have no man!'  These people are hungry for God, but they have no one to disciple them.  We are in a time when people are beginning to disciple themselves or are being discipled by the voice of the media.'

09 Lanny Clark

09 Lanny Clark - 'We must see by the eyes of the spirit.  Much of what takes place in our processes has to do with how we're trying to reason our way into a spiritual understanding.  We must submit to the rigors of having our characters conformed to the image of Christ in order to have the mind of Christ.'


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