Dominican Republic Session 7

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - 'Jesus, the Christ, is the full expression of everything that God is.  The only way to know the holiness of God, the only standard, is the incarnation of God in a human body which is called Jesus Christ.  He is the eternal presented in time.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.'

5 Administrations of Grace

Sam Soleyn ASOM Oct 2014 - 'God wants to be known for His love.  He has elected to make Himself known in the form of Father and Son.  Father is the characteristic of God that loves in the fashion of a father.  Son is the expression of the nature of God, who is love.'

S13 - The Spirit of Sonship

S13 - The Spirit of Sonship - 'The Holy Spirit is simultaneously in us and we are simultaneously in Him, but in the Spirit of God is also the authority to function in the earth.  This Holy Spirit is the same Spirit that defines the Father and the same Spirit that defines the Son, for God is one.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 2A

Kingdom Connections - Session 2A Sam soleyn - 'All of heaven is placing great stress upon those who are wanting to see heaven become visible in the earth.  The ultimate plan and purpose of God is that He be seen in and through the church and that through this corporate Son, salvation would come to all of His creation.'


72 - The First Covenant – Summary of The Sons of God, Part 1

Sonship The First Covenant – Summary of The Sons of God, Part 1 Studio Session 72 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'God swore an oath to Himself that a price would be paid, and man, the creature who had not yet been created, would be the sons of God;  sons in the image and likeness of their Father.  The Lamb was slain before the foundations of the world as an enactment of this pre-existent covenant.'

58 - Christ and Moses

Sonship Christ and Moses Studio Session 58 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 -'Before God laid the foundations of the world, He swore an oath to Himself that He would have sons.  This covenant was attached specifically to the lineage of Abraham and found its fulfillment on the cross, when entrance into the Most Holy Place was opened to us by the blood of Jesus.'

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