Eyes of Soul Opened

The Mindset of the Orphan Part 2

The Mindset of the Orphan Part 2 Sam Soleyn - 'Once man began to see himself as an orphan, through the eyes of his soul, he began to see spiritual things dimly as through a veil.  The natural way that the soul sees spiritual realities is through types and shadows.  In God's infinite goodness, he showed man spiritual things in a way that he could understand them.'

158 - Representational Rule

Representational Rule Sam Soleyn 2/2009 - 'When God formed man from the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils, man received an impartation of spirit that came out of the person of God.  This spirit was of the same kind and nature as God Himself.  God constructed man to receive, fellowship, and entertain the Spirit of God.'

95 - The Systems of the Beast, Part 2

Signs of the End of the Age The Systems of the Beast, Part 2 Studio Session 95 Sam Soleyn 01/01/2006 - 'The end of the age is the full compendium and summation of everything that began in the garden.  Mankind, as his rebellion against God expanded through the centuries and millennia, became more distanced from God.  The systems of the kosmokrator offer provision and protection as an alternative to trusting in God.'

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