God is Spirit Part 3B

God is Spirit Part 3B - Father and Son are references to a relationship.  We have assigned them proper names, but they are always a reference to a relationship;  the relationship that exists within the manifestations of God.  Within the spirit known as God, are these two fundamental realities.'

S6 - Unity

S6 - Unity - 'The word 'One' in the Hebrew means 'united one' and indicates a plurality in the Godhead.  There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost and these three are One.  This is a very clear picture of a triune God.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 6B

Kingdom Connections - Session 6B Sam Soleyn - 'When the world, the flesh, and the devil are the sources that inform your view of reality, you are deceived;  it is a false view of reality.  When the mind of the spirit is informed by the letter and the Spirit of truth, your view of reality is identical to God's view.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 5B

Kingdom Connections - Session 5B Sam Soleyn - 'This is a time of great upheaval and upheaval creates opportunity, but also requires a response.  God is preparing the responses, because His response is to give another order of His house.  Whenever issues arise in the earth that require a solution from heaven, heaven's solution is always to give a Son.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 4B

Kingdom Connections - Session 4B Sam Soleyn - 'God speaks to us by the Spirit;  His Spirit speaks to our spirit.  Our spirit then brings our soul under the leadership of the Spirit.  The soul under the instruction of the spirit, tells the body how to live so that man no more lives in the flesh, but by the Spirit.'

Kingdom Connections - Session 1A

Kingdom Connections - Session 1A Sam Soleyn - 'In this season, God is purging our unbelief so that a company of people can go up and possess what God is offering.  The people of God love His presence, but are still largely an uncircumcised generation.  Fathers are given by God to perform this circumcision through deliverance from strongholds.'

The Holy Nation Part 1A

The Holy Nation Part 1A Sam Soleyn 10/2010 - How does a Holy Nation function?  Fathers learn the value of each other.  The goal is fathers and sons mature so that they we be ready to become the Holy Nation.



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