ASOM Sept 2016 - Session 10

ASOM Sept 2016 - Sagie Govender - ‘There are two companies of people in the church today; those who function from an earthly perspective and those who function from a heavenly perspective.  The beauty of functioning from the heavens is that you have no devil to contend with.  The enemy is only a problem for earth dwellers.'

Apostolic Leadership Summit Johannesburg SA 2016 Session 8

Apostolic Leadership Summit Johannesburg SA 2016 - Joseph Mattera - 'The majority of the norms of the contemporary church model are replete with errors and with structures that are alien to the New Testament, while the para-church model has attempted to make disciples without proper ecclesiology.  The only paradigm for the model of the New Testament Church is the apostolic model.'

Dominican Republic Session 3

Dominican Republic Session 3 December 2014 - 'We are living now in an administration where God is bringing back His Word to the absolute center of our lives and the agency through which that Word is brought to us is called the scribe.  The medium that God uses to communicate His Word is through the agency called the scribe.'

S12 - The Lampstand

S12 - The Lampstand - 'Within the construct of the church in the city, the hand of The Lord is established.  For anyone who walks in, the hand of The Lord automatically comes upon them, because we have now entered into the arena of the automatic lamp stand.'


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