Forgive Sins

Apostolic Leadership Summit Session 1

Apostolic Leadership Summit Washington DC August 2015 - Intro - Thamo Naidoo, Main Speaker - Sam Soleyn - 'God has entrusted the influencing of epochs into the hands of those who are His corporate Son.  There are great eternal things that are to be pursued and prosecuted in time, but they are meant to be subject to the eternities of God which, in turn, are placed in the being of the corporate Son.'

Acts 2 Jesus the King Part 2

Acts 2 Jesus the King Part 2 Sam Soleyn - 'What God has sent us to do is already in the heart of God to do.  That is the key concept of being an ambassador.  You, therefore, are not originating the concept, you are representing the concept.  The first message ever preached about the kingdom was to present Jesus as the King.'

153 - The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'Prayer is of a variety of sorts in the New Testament.  Prayer, as incense coming up before God, aligns the individual with the realities of heaven.  Elders have an administrative prayer for healing relative to demonic oppression.  This type of prayer also involves the forgiveness of sins.'

101 - Seek Ye First the Kingdom

The Gospel of the Kingdom Seek Ye First the Kingdom Studio Session 101 Sam Soleyn 03/18/2006 - 'The biblical understanding of the kingdom is that once a person responds to the truth of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, they get to live a heavenly existence, in time, under the authority, power, and protection of the Living God; an earthly existence within a context that is from heaven.'

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