ASOM 2017 - Session 15 - Thamo Naidoo

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 15 - Thamo Niadoo - Johannesburg SA - ‘Dominion will come through a systemic presence.  Our presence in given environments, if it is compliant with righteous standards, will generate a force field, a presence, a shadow effect, and anything that comes into that shadow will be adjusted and neutralized to come into compliance with the eternal plan.  This corporate position of righteousness begins with the understanding that we were created to be the sons of God.’

Acts 2 Jesus the King Part 1

Acts 2 Jesus the King Part 1 Sam Soleyn - 'There's a period in all of our lives, after we have reached out to embrace the reality that separates us from where we have been and promises of where we are going, that we invariably sojourn in the desert, because there is a value to the desert in preparation for the land you are to possess.'

47 - The Government of God

The Kingdom of God The Government of God Sam Soleyn Studio Session 47 08/2004  - 'The government of God is that which God gives to provide an environment of peace, good order, and wellbeing for the children of God to grow up into maturity and for the training and disciplining of the character of God's people, so that they exactly represent their Father as His delegates.'

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