ASOM 2017 - Session 15 - Thamo Naidoo

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 15 - Thamo Niadoo - Johannesburg SA - ‘Dominion will come through a systemic presence.  Our presence in given environments, if it is compliant with righteous standards, will generate a force field, a presence, a shadow effect, and anything that comes into that shadow will be adjusted and neutralized to come into compliance with the eternal plan.  This corporate position of righteousness begins with the understanding that we were created to be the sons of God.’

16 Dana Ernest

16 Dana Ernest - 'The cry of the heart of many of the people of God today is, 'I have no man!'  These people are hungry for God, but they have no one to disciple them.  We are in a time when people are beginning to disciple themselves or are being discipled by the voice of the media.'

153 - The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'Prayer is of a variety of sorts in the New Testament.  Prayer, as incense coming up before God, aligns the individual with the realities of heaven.  Elders have an administrative prayer for healing relative to demonic oppression.  This type of prayer also involves the forgiveness of sins.'

46 - The Power to Fulfill Your Destiny

The Kingdom of God The Power to Fulfill Your Destiny Studio Session 46 Sam Soleyn 8/2004 - 'God means to live in you and through you, empowering you to become the active presence of Jesus Christ in your sphere.  He empowers you with gifts of the Spirit, so that what you do is extraordinary and miraculous, and has a divine stamp that is undeniably the result of the presence of God.'

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