ASOM Sept 2016 Session 2

ASOM Sept 2016 - Thamo Naidoo - 'The Holy Spirit must take His rightful place in our gatherings and in our personal lives if we are to go further into the mysteries of God and the mystery of what He has planned to unfold through us in creation.  The Holy Spirit is the One who brings the Father and the Son to us.'

15 - Prophetic Understanding

Prophetic Understanding Sam Soleyn 01/2003 - 'When Satan and his angels are hurled down to earth, he will subjugate the entire earth to his rule through his vassals and through the systems he has created upon which all human life depends.  The soul of man yearns for security in the area of provision and protection and that is exactly what Satan's kingdom will offer.'


31 - Faith II

Elementary Doctrines Faith, Part 2 Studio Session 31 Sam Soleyn 01/2004 - 'Faith is the evidence of the eternal, unseen realm being presented to us in a routine fashion by God throughout all the stages of our sonship.  As we pursue God and seek the Kingdom, God not only gives us the riches of the Kingdom, but also takes care of all of our other needs.'

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