Session 20 - Grace

Apostolic School of Ministry Johannesburg South Africa 2015 - Sagie Govender - 'Grace sufficiency attracts kings to its light.  As the grace within apostolic circles begins to increase, we will see dignitaries come into the House of the Lord.  When there is grace sufficiency, there is excellence of soul, divine ability.  Grace sufficiency also brings a spirit of generosity upon the House of God.'

Dominican Republic Session 13

Dominican Republic Session 13 December 2014 - 'John the Baptist said, when he spoke about Jesus, 'I must decrease and He must increase.'   The 'He' includes you, because you are the Body of Christ.  There is only one Body.  Each of us assembled into that Body of Christ represent a new order of how all humans function.'

12 - The Reminder of God's Provision

The Reminder of God's Provision - 'Spiritual warfare and spiritual authority are the operative realities in which every believer lives every day.  We are born again into an environment of war.  Jesus Himself did not undertake warfare with the enemy by His own authority.  We are all to operate by the power and authority of the One who is greater than our enemy.'

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