John the Baptist

Dominican Republic Session 10

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - Radhames Fernandez - 'The sons that truly honor their spiritual fathers, by the promise of God, will secure their own honor when they've come into old age.  Paternity is a grace of God, because God is the only Father.  As a father, one represents the paternity of God in the earth.'

Dominican Republic Session 13

Dominican Republic Session 13 December 2014 - 'John the Baptist said, when he spoke about Jesus, 'I must decrease and He must increase.'   The 'He' includes you, because you are the Body of Christ.  There is only one Body.  Each of us assembled into that Body of Christ represent a new order of how all humans function.'

Dominican Republic Session 11

Dominican Republic Session 11 December 2014 - 'The law and the prophets is the framework of what God communicated through the Old Testament.  Moses is the face of the law who brings the foundation upon which God will establish His purpose.  Elijah is the face of the prophets who establishes the framework of father and son.'

Mysteries of Christ Part 5

Mysteries of Christ Part 5 Sam Soleyn - Questions and Answers:

1.  Can you tie the culture of the orphan to the prodigal son?
2.  Can the expression of sonship happen anywhere that the understanding of being a son exists?
3.  Did the changes that were made after Christ ascended have more to do with revelation than with the written word?

The Apostolic Season Part 3

The Apostolic Season Part 3 Sam Soleyn - 'The biggest challenge in this apostolic season is how to reconstruct a new mindset among the people of God.  The apostolic speaks to a construct of an orderly way of living that is compliant with the heavenly culture;  the establishment of heavenly principles in an earthly context.'

129 - Separation and Reconciliation

Separation and Reconciliation Sam Soleyn 12/2007 - 'When Adam sinned, the effect was to separate a man from his Father.  The effect of fatherlessness is the removal of order from society.  The glorious response of Christ is to send the spirit of Elijah which will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.'

109 - Repent and Be Baptized II

The Gospel of the Kingdom Repent and Be Baptized II Sam Soleyn 03/2006 - 'Baptism washes us so that we can be offered as sacrifices to God.  Prior to baptism, we become qualified to be offered by choosing to endure death, giving up our right to govern our own lives.  In that condition, we are visited by the Spirit of God, who gives us new life.'

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