Session 4 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 4 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Thamo Naidoo - 'One of the quintessential features of this present season is to bring us back to the Word of God.  In the Word of God, we discover the mind of God and through discovery of the mind of God, we are transported out of time into the eternal.  We then operate no more from the chronology of time, but from timelessness, and in that dimension we discover what God predestined for each of us.'

84 - Deception: The Order of The Day

The Global Kingdom Deception: The Order of The Day Studio Session 84 Sam Soleyn - 'In the last days, Jerusalem will see the restoration of the temple and temple worship.  It will be the center of all religious and political activity.  The antichrist will rule from Jerusalem and the foundation of his rule will be the worship associated with Judaism and the resurrection of Neo-Judaism.'

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