Session 5 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 5 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Ben Kleynhans - 'The position of a son of God is predetermined by God and speaks to our placement, our status, our rank, or our seat.  The functionality of the power and authority belonging to our position is determined by our posture.  Posture is the particular approach or attitude which reveals the authority of our position.'  

Session 5 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2016

Session 5 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'Access into the culture of heaven is by faith and that is why faith is the foundation of the mature.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, therefore, faith toward God means that when you come to Him, you must believe that He is and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.  Faith grants you access into everything that God is.'

ASOM Sept 2016 - Session 15

ASOM Sept 2016 - Thamo Naidoo - 'The Holy Spirit, the advocate, will come and will use you as evidence to convince the world that God intended for all of mankind to be His sons.  Through the works of God, you are displaying to all of creation the unseen God.  God's rest is His choosing to be seen only through His sons.'

Apostolic Leadership Summit Johannesburg SA 2016 Session 6

Apostolic Leadership Summit Johannesburg SA 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'The ultimate humility of God is that He elected to cast the representation of Himself in the form of another.  The very essence of love is the willingness to be understood through another.  If God's being is to become known in His essential nature, it requires representation by one who has derived his own being from within God.'

Dominican Republic Session 5

Dominican Republic Session 5 December 2014 - 'Heaven and earth are not in opposition to each other.  The new song in heaven celebrated events that had recently taken place and prophesied a new epoch to come upon the earth.  Because the Lamb was slain, heaven positioned itself to support the arising of a Holy Nation.'

God is Spirit Part 3B

God is Spirit Part 3B - Father and Son are references to a relationship.  We have assigned them proper names, but they are always a reference to a relationship;  the relationship that exists within the manifestations of God.  Within the spirit known as God, are these two fundamental realities.'

58 - Christ and Moses

Sonship Christ and Moses Studio Session 58 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 -'Before God laid the foundations of the world, He swore an oath to Himself that He would have sons.  This covenant was attached specifically to the lineage of Abraham and found its fulfillment on the cross, when entrance into the Most Holy Place was opened to us by the blood of Jesus.'

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