Session 8 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 8 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'We have access into the mind of Christ, which is the repository of the knowledge of the Father, through the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives life to our spirits when we are born again, animating the mind of our spirits to the reality that we have a relationship to God as Father and, at the same moment, assembling us to the Body of Christ.'

Apostolic Leadership Summit Johannesburg SA 2016 Session 2

Apostolic Leadership Summit Johannesburg SA 2016 - Sagie Govender - 'Cherubim are symbols of the perfect believer.  They demonstrate the evolving nature of man;  the growth of man to perfection through higher principles.  As the movement from earth to heaven takes place, there is a shift from inanimateness to the fullness of one's destiny as represented by the cherubim.'

Dominican Republic Session 4

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - Radhames Fernandez - 'Elijah represented the nature and character of God in his ministry.   Tishbe in Gilead, where Elijah was from, means 'resources' and is a rocky place with strong, hard ground.  That is a description of Elijah's character.  The ministry of Elijah consisted of turning the hearts of the people to God, bringing healing as a balm.'

Dominican Republic Session 3

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - Sam Soleyn - 'When something of the eternal realm comes into time, that reality is permanent.  The earth may pass away and the epochs may change, but the eternal thing cannot change, because it is not limited by time.  When we speak of Christ, the Firstborn, we are speaking of an eternal viewpoint.'

Apostolic Leadership Summit Session 1

Apostolic Leadership Summit Washington DC August 2015 - Intro - Thamo Naidoo, Main Speaker - Sam Soleyn - 'God has entrusted the influencing of epochs into the hands of those who are His corporate Son.  There are great eternal things that are to be pursued and prosecuted in time, but they are meant to be subject to the eternities of God which, in turn, are placed in the being of the corporate Son.'


Sam Soleyn Midland December 2014 - 'God is bringing out of His eternal treasure house old things that are now valuable for this season;  wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, power and the fear of The Lord.  God is now, by His own decree, leading Himself out of obscurity and becoming visible in the form of His creation.'

12 - The Reminder of God's Provision

The Reminder of God's Provision - 'Spiritual warfare and spiritual authority are the operative realities in which every believer lives every day.  We are born again into an environment of war.  Jesus Himself did not undertake warfare with the enemy by His own authority.  We are all to operate by the power and authority of the One who is greater than our enemy.'

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