Man Child

S5 - Spiritual Man

S5 - Spiritual Man - 'A son of God is a spiritual man.  The spiritual man is that individual who has devoted his entire life to be governed by the Spirit of God.  Such a person lives in the domain of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the Holy Word of God.'

90 - Signs In the Sun, Moon and Stars, Part 2

Signs of the End of the Age Signs In the Sun, Moon and Stars, Part 2 Studio Session 90 Sam Soleyn 01/01/2006 - 'When the Abyss is opened and the smoke from the Abyss obscures the sun and the moon, this is an indication that the time has come for the demonic to be thrown into the earth.  Their manner of coming will be like locusts swarming and they will have power to torment mankind for five months.'

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