Session 10 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 10 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016 = Thamo Naidoo - 'Zion is a position in the Spirit, an elevated place, where God meets with His people.  In Zion, God shows us how this city is to be built.  We, as God's people, are built according to the divine design and function according to the heavenly order, the governmental order of God.  Through this divine order, we make God visible in the earth.'

15 - Prophetic Understanding

Prophetic Understanding Sam Soleyn 01/2003 - 'When Satan and his angels are hurled down to earth, he will subjugate the entire earth to his rule through his vassals and through the systems he has created upon which all human life depends.  The soul of man yearns for security in the area of provision and protection and that is exactly what Satan's kingdom will offer.'


94 - The Systems of the Beast, Part 1

Signs of the End of the Age The Systems of the Beast, Part 1 Studio Session 94 Sam Soleyn 01/01/2006 - 'The accessibility of this global kingdom will offer convenience, the promise of survival and certainty, and the promise of provision and protection.  To avail yourself of it, you must opt in as a deliberate choice.  This kingdom is predatory in nature and will enslave people whose primary goal is to survive.'

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