Ministry of Reconciliation

ASOM Sept 2016 - Session 19

ASOM Sept 2016 - Thamo Naidoo -'This is the ideal time for the church to arise and present an open door for nations to come and find refuge in a place where prejudice does not exist; where only love exists.  God has called us through His perfect plan, established before the foundations of the world, to be extracted from a world view into His glorious Kingdom, free from the doctrines and prejudices of men.'

Acts 2 Jesus the King Part 1

Acts 2 Jesus the King Part 1 Sam Soleyn - 'There's a period in all of our lives, after we have reached out to embrace the reality that separates us from where we have been and promises of where we are going, that we invariably sojourn in the desert, because there is a value to the desert in preparation for the land you are to possess.'

106 - Your Sins are Forgiven

The Gospel of the Kingdom Your Sins are Forgiven Studio Session 106 Sam Soleyn 3/18/2006 - 'We are sent as Christ's ambassadors to declare the good news of the kingdom.  An ambassador is a term that means that you represent another; you are representing the One who died on the cross and has forgiven men their sins.  We, as ambassadors, offer entrance into this kingdom to those who will.'

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