Nature of God

Session 3 - Discussions on What Lies Ahead - Bossier City - 2015

Sam Soleyn - Discussions on What Lies Ahead - 'Grace is the very substance that defines the nature of the invisible God.  The way God administrates what is in His mind is by declaration.  His Word is associated with the power to establish what He foreknew.  However, when God chose to incarnate the central aspect of His very being, it is seen as grace.'

SA17 - Resurrection - Sam Soleyn

SA17 - Resurrection - Sam Soleyn - 'Resurrection happens routinely in the natural to reveal the life that is in God.  A seed is limited by  that which contains it, but contact with the earth destroys that which contains what is in the seed.  It destroys its limitations.  As a spiritual principle, the ground destroys the encasement of unbelief.'

04 Sam Soleyn

04 Sam Soleyn - 'The original order of rule on the earth was in furtherance of the culture of heaven.  The culture of heaven, in turn, exists to put on display the very nature of God, so the structure of man is not an unintelligent design.  Man is endowed with spirit from the very being of God.'

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