Kingdom Connections - Session 3A

Kingdom Connections - Session 3A Sam Soleyn - 'Our identity should never be in what we do, it should always be in who we are in The Lord Jesus Christ.  We should be free from toiling, because God lifted His curse of the ground through Noah.  We toil to make our own provision, to protect ourselves, and to secure our places.'

60 - Biblical History of the Sons of God

Sonship Biblical History of the Sons of God Studio Session 60 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'The most ancient order of priesthood in all of the Scriptures is the order called 'the sons of God.'  After the fall, God continued to speak to humans through certain sons of God.  Such men were used by God in a fashion that represented the interests, the nature, and the character of God to man.'

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