One Body

S6 - Unity

S6 - Unity - 'The word 'One' in the Hebrew means 'united one' and indicates a plurality in the Godhead.  There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost and these three are One.  This is a very clear picture of a triune God.'

The Holy Nation Part 1A

The Holy Nation Part 1A Sam Soleyn 10/2010 - How does a Holy Nation function?  Fathers learn the value of each other.  The goal is fathers and sons mature so that they we be ready to become the Holy Nation.


167 - A Spiritual House

A Spiritual House Sam Soleyn 2/2009 - 'God is arranging His House in the earth in such a way that the earth might see the glory of the culture of heaven and the orphan might be redeemed from the culture of the fallen one.  This spiritual house will have fathers who are capable of bringing discipline and exactly representing the Father.'

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