Patriarchal Order

Celebration of Sonship 2018 - Session 3 - Doug Allen

Celebration of Sonship 2018 - Session 3 - Doug Allen - “There are two primary elements that are key when we talk about celebrating our sonship.  The first element is the willful submission to the sovereignty of God, each son choosing to be accountable to the one God has sent to represent His standard.  The second element is oneness, as opposed to unity. Oneness is our ability to be indistinguishable from the character of God.” 

145 - The Patriarchal Order

The Patriarchal Order Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'When God established the order of the Old Testament, He did so to present, ahead of time, the form of a type and shadow to present the relationship between a father and a son;  between God the Father and ourselves as His sons.  That is why the order is patriarchal.'

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