Session 12 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017

Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017 - Session 12 - Sam Soleyn - ‘The ultimate dwelling place is when the mortal has put on immortality, when the corruptible has put on the incorruptible, when time is supplanted by timelessness.  When we come back to our original destiny of living in the Son, we will live in our immortal state, we will live in our eternal dwelling in the earth, because he who has the Son has eternal life.’  

Dominican Republic Session 8

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - Thamo Naidoo - 'Our inheritance IS God.  He has predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son, who is the Firstborn IN many brethren.  That's how we become the dwelling place of God.  When all of the substance called grace is deposited into the Body, we become full of grace and truth.'

137 - The Present Kingdom Part 2

The Present Kingdom Part 2 Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'Jesus showed His disciples everyday what it meant to be led by the Spirit, because He walked moment by moment doing only what He saw the Father doing.  He sent His disciples to teach the people to obey The Lord in everything.  He did not send them out to make converts.'

113 - The Gospel of The King Part 2

Ambassadors of Christ The Gospel of the King Part 2 Sam Soleyn 05/2007 - 'On the day of Pentecost the sermon that is preached is, 'Israel, behold your King.'  The true Gospel has always been the Gospel of Jesus the King.  If you are going to be His ambassador, He had better have the authority to send you and you had better be sent by His authority.'

111 - Jesus the King

Ambassadors of Christ Programs Jesus the King Sam Soleyn 05/2007 - 'The first time the Gospel was preached, it was not the Gospel of salvation; it was the Gospel of the King.  If Jesus is the King, His authority has been established by the Almighty God who anointed Him and He is able to delegate this authority to you.'

105 - Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near

The Gospel of the Kingdom Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near Studio Session 105 Sam Soleyn 03/18/2006 - 'Everyone who is in darkness is in a state of death.  They're to be rescued from death by the message that there is a kingdom, whose King is God, and this kingdom has enough power to overthrow the kingdom of darkness and rescue completely anyone who puts their trust in it.'

62 - The Covenant of Sonship vs. The Covenant of Law

Sonship The Covenant of Sonship vs. The Covenant of Law Studio Session 62 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'The Jews' failure to go up into the presence of God on Mount Sinai resulted in them being given something other than the original gift.  They were not given the covenant of sonship; they were given the covenant of Law.  They rejected the offer of sonship, thereby becoming debtors under the Law.'

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