Session 8 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2016

Session 8 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'Being has two distinctive aspects to it;  one aspect that is capable of engaging the heavens and the other aspect that is capable of translating the wisdom of the heavens into actions and activities in the earth.  The divine order within man is that his spirit, which engages the heavens, rules over his soul which engages the earth.'

Apostolic Leadership Summit Session 10

Apostolic Leadership Summit Washington DC August 2015 - Intro - Thamo Naidoo, Main Speaker - Sagie Govender - 'The highest level of prophecy is scriptural exegesis, pulling Christ out from the scriptures.  When you interpret scriptures symbolically, this is the true prophetic.  A church cannot be built on personal prophecy.  The only way to build the church is on the incorruptible Word of God.'

S15 - Prophetic Utterance

S15 - Prophetic Utterance - 'There is a transcendental thrust that has come down from the heavens and it is causing a push in your spirit, a movement towards the things of God.  The Spirit of God is saying, 'Stop trying to reconfigure your thoughts and allow Me to push you forward into this dimension.'


46 - The Power to Fulfill Your Destiny

The Kingdom of God The Power to Fulfill Your Destiny Studio Session 46 Sam Soleyn 8/2004 - 'God means to live in you and through you, empowering you to become the active presence of Jesus Christ in your sphere.  He empowers you with gifts of the Spirit, so that what you do is extraordinary and miraculous, and has a divine stamp that is undeniably the result of the presence of God.'

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