Strengthening the House - Dec 2018 - Sam Soleyn

Strengthening he House - Dec 2018 - Sam Soleyn - “It has been the deliberate intention of God, consistent with creating man and designating man as the heir of God, to connect us to the most ancient of promises. After the soul has been realigned to the spirit, God begins a serious download of revealing to you the uniqueness of your presence in the earth. The uniqueness of your presence in the earth, however, must be understood against the overarching background of the ancient promises.”


Session 4 - The Dilemma of Man

ASOM - Sam Soleyn - The Dilemma of Man - 'The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are not of the Father, but are of the world.  When man was enticed away from his Father, he was enticed by this world.  This world considers that the knowledge of good and evil will make one sufficiently independent of God.'

Apostolic Leadership Summit Session 1

Apostolic Leadership Summit Washington DC August 2015 - Intro - Thamo Naidoo, Main Speaker - Sam Soleyn - 'God has entrusted the influencing of epochs into the hands of those who are His corporate Son.  There are great eternal things that are to be pursued and prosecuted in time, but they are meant to be subject to the eternities of God which, in turn, are placed in the being of the corporate Son.'

Dominican Republic Session 5

Dominican Republic Session 5 December 2014 - 'Heaven and earth are not in opposition to each other.  The new song in heaven celebrated events that had recently taken place and prophesied a new epoch to come upon the earth.  Because the Lamb was slain, heaven positioned itself to support the arising of a Holy Nation.'

Defining the New Season

Defining the New Season 4/2010 - 'This season is about understanding what goes with being reconciled to God.  The shift is away from the good works associated with going to heaven and towards a reconciliation where God is working through you in every circumstance of life; good works that put the face of God in your face.'

The Mindset of the Orphan Part 1

The Mindset of the Orphan Part 1 Sam Soleyn - 'The responsibility of the righteous in this season of change is to deliberately change our mindsets, to reposition our mindsets in the new economy.  This process is referred to as repentance.  This repentance has to do with the necessity of change to accommodate the purposes of God.'


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