Remission of Sins

120 - The Forgiveness of Sins Part 2

The Forgiveness of Sins Part 2 Sam Soleyn 5/2007 - 'The invitation to repent is not an invitation to repent of ones sins.  It is a choice to be translated from the control of the powers of darkness into the kingdom of the Son whom the Father loves.  Then Christ, through his ambassadors, will declare to such a one, 'Behold, your sins are forgiven.'

108 - Repent and be Baptized I

The Kingdom of God Repent and be Baptized I Sam Soleyn 3/2006 - 'When your sins have been forgiven and you are reconciled to God, water baptism is part of the symbology of burial that you are now able to embrace and which allows you to declare the truth that you are no longer under the control of the god of this world.'

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