SA14 - Sabbath Rest - Thamo Naidoo

SA14 - Sabbath Rest - Thamo Naidoo - 'We're about to enter a period of rest that is no different from the rest in the invisible, eternal dimension of our existence.  The conditions of that dimension can be powerfully encountered on this side of life.  There are certain fundamental conditions required if we want to enjoy this kind of rest.'

Session 8A - Worship/Prophetic

Session 8A - Worship/Prophetic Sam Soleyn - Praise and Worship;  'The living God has His attention turned to His handmaidens, the handmaidens of The Lord.  He speaks a word of deliverance for the sons who are female representatives in the kingdom; a word to heal grief and affliction and bring women to rest.'

16 Dana Ernest

16 Dana Ernest - 'The cry of the heart of many of the people of God today is, 'I have no man!'  These people are hungry for God, but they have no one to disciple them.  We are in a time when people are beginning to disciple themselves or are being discipled by the voice of the media.'

74 - The Confidence of Sonship

Sonship The Confidence of Sonship Studio Session 74 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'The confidence that we have in our Father is based upon the underlying truth that He swore an oath to Himself and He intends to keep His promise.  God promised Himself that He would have sons and paid the price for that before He created man.  The result is guaranteed if we will allow the process to take place in us.'


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