Session 2 - Walk On Water - Jan 2018

Walk On Water - Sam Soleyn - Jan 2018 - ‘We were born out of the Word;  born again by water and the Spirit.  That which comes out of the water is destined to walk on the thing out of which it came.  This is the economy of the Spirit.  God has brought us to a place of maturity in order to reveal in us His exact character and nature.  We cannot accomplish this without being given access into the economies that were put in heaven and earth to enable this result.’

Session 2 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017

Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017 - Session 2 - Sam Soleyn - ‘Creation was designed to host that which was in the mind of the Deep for long ages past.  When God separated the waters from the waters, He separated the weight of the Word by a firmament and put the greater mysteries hidden in the  Word above the firmament.  The personification of the weight of this Word is Christ, the Firstborn over all creation.’

S2 - Walking in the Spirit

S2 - Walking in the Spirit - 'God intends to restore man to what he created him to be, an eternal being in the realm of time.  He wants us to understand ourselves in the context of who our Father is, namely God.  The enemy's scheme has always been to separate a man from his Father.'

We Will Know the Day Part 1D

We Will Know the Day Part 1D Sam Soleyn - 'We were created to demonstrate to principalities and powers the glorious inheritance of the saints.  The question was always about whether or not God chose the right heirs.  The end of the age is meant to show that the sons of God do not value their earthly existence above every other consideration.'

108 - Repent and be Baptized I

The Kingdom of God Repent and be Baptized I Sam Soleyn 3/2006 - 'When your sins have been forgiven and you are reconciled to God, water baptism is part of the symbology of burial that you are now able to embrace and which allows you to declare the truth that you are no longer under the control of the god of this world.'


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