Ministers of Christ in the Market Place Sept 2016

Capetown 2016 - Ministers in the Market Place - 'God established creation to show Himself as Father.  When Adam rejected his Father, the culture of fatherlessness became the default setting of humanity.  Fatherlessness leaves one with no sense of identity and eventually lawlessness becomes the law.  Spiritual fathers who are conformed to the standard of the Firstborn are the remedy to this culture.'

God is Spirit Part 3B

God is Spirit Part 3B - Father and Son are references to a relationship.  We have assigned them proper names, but they are always a reference to a relationship;  the relationship that exists within the manifestations of God.  Within the spirit known as God, are these two fundamental realities.'

01 Introduction Part 1A

01 Introduction Part 1A Sam Soleyn - 'The next major move forward in God is to learn how to rule.  If we are to lay ahold of the truth that we are a race of kings and priests and the earthly representations of the one true and living God, then it is clear that our family's business is to rule.'

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