Son of God

Dominican Republic Session 3

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - Sam Soleyn - 'When something of the eternal realm comes into time, that reality is permanent.  The earth may pass away and the epochs may change, but the eternal thing cannot change, because it is not limited by time.  When we speak of Christ, the Firstborn, we are speaking of an eternal viewpoint.'

The Sons of God-Haifa Israel

The Sons of God - Haifa Israel March 2015 - 'When God formed the dust of the ground and blew spirit into the form of man, God made a son.   When you speak of a son of God, you are speaking about someone whose Father is a spirit.  Therefore, a son of God is a spirit being who is contained in the flesh.'

S5 - Spiritual Man

S5 - Spiritual Man - 'A son of God is a spiritual man.  The spiritual man is that individual who has devoted his entire life to be governed by the Spirit of God.  Such a person lives in the domain of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the Holy Word of God.'

Session 1B – Introduction

Session 1B – Introduction - 'God is turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.  The depth of the brokenness of mankind has reached its apogee and all of that brokenness can be traced back to the day when a man hid himself from his Father.'

01 Introduction Part 1A

01 Introduction Part 1A Sam Soleyn - 'The next major move forward in God is to learn how to rule.  If we are to lay ahold of the truth that we are a race of kings and priests and the earthly representations of the one true and living God, then it is clear that our family's business is to rule.'

Mysteries of Christ Part 1B

Mysteries of Christ Part 1B Sam Soleyn - 'The original stronghold put upon all human beings by our father, Adam, is the culture of the orphan.  This cultural mindset has migrated from generation to generation providing a principality or stronghold that the enemy may occupy at will.  When Adam hid from his Father, he became an orphan.'  

71 - Questions About the Law

Sonship Questions About the Law Studio Session 71 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'The Law, ironically, though it enslaved Israel, also saved Israel; saved them from annihilation.  This served the purpose of God, because God was looking forward to the time when the Seed would come and make humans into His heirs.  God's mercy preserved Israel, through the Law, until this eventuality occurred.'


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