Celebration of Sonship 2018 - Session 1 - Sam Soleyn

Celebration of Sonship 2018 - Session 1 - Sam Soleyn - “Before God established creation and became Father, He was known as the Deep; the profound; the unfathomable; the Being who is too big to be observed.  It was this Being who decided to establish creation, so that He might become visible through His Son, to the praise of the glory of His grace.  He chose us in Christ, by whom and for whom all things were created, before the foundation of the world.” 

Session 11 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017

Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017 - Session 11 - Sam Soleyn - ‘When God created man in His image and in His likeness, He was not just looking at Adam, He was looking at the end from the beginning.  He saw Christ, a spiritual man composed of many members, having the character and nature of God Himself.  This being would put on display the nature of God in the form of the love of God.  God saw each of us in this spiritual being before the foundations of the world.’

ASOM 2017 - Session 5 - Sam Soleyn

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 5 - Thamoo Naidoo - Johannesburg SA - ‘The days of the Lord are not measured by time, they are measured by what is in the mind of God becoming transmitted into the form He envisioned.  God, in making the heavens and the earth, installed into the created realms of heaven and earth that which was fully in His mind to install.  God did not only make day, because the reality of creation is that the sons of God would live in the presence of an enemy who continues to war with God.

ASOM Sept 2016 - Session 12

ASOM Sept 2016 - Stephen Everett - ‘The principle of the open heavens is the prophetic unction by which God will routinely and customarily communicate with man, rather than randomly and arbitrarily as in the old order.  It is an existence in which, as you are established in Christ, the veil over your mind that blocks you from accessing the heavens has been shredded.’

ASOM Sept 2016 - Session 7

ASOM Sept 2016 - Session 7 - 'We must deconstruct the view that the Holy Spirit is impersonal and inanimate.  The work of the Holy Spirit is mystical and deeply creative.  The Spirit and the Word function together in a domestic, casual way in each of us, that we might know God and in turn make Him visible in the earth.'

Session 3 - Discussions on What Lies Ahead - Bossier City - 2015

Sam Soleyn - Discussions on What Lies Ahead - 'Grace is the very substance that defines the nature of the invisible God.  The way God administrates what is in His mind is by declaration.  His Word is associated with the power to establish what He foreknew.  However, when God chose to incarnate the central aspect of His very being, it is seen as grace.'

Dominican Republic Session 7

Dominican Republic Nov 2015 - 'Jesus, the Christ, is the full expression of everything that God is.  The only way to know the holiness of God, the only standard, is the incarnation of God in a human body which is called Jesus Christ.  He is the eternal presented in time.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.'

Session 4 - The Dilemma of Man

ASOM - Sam Soleyn - The Dilemma of Man - 'The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are not of the Father, but are of the world.  When man was enticed away from his Father, he was enticed by this world.  This world considers that the knowledge of good and evil will make one sufficiently independent of God.'

The Sons of God-Haifa Israel

The Sons of God - Haifa Israel March 2015 - 'When God formed the dust of the ground and blew spirit into the form of man, God made a son.   When you speak of a son of God, you are speaking about someone whose Father is a spirit.  Therefore, a son of God is a spirit being who is contained in the flesh.'


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