Spirit Rules Soul

Session 10 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017

Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017 - Session 10 - Sam Soleyn - ‘Mount Zion is the general assembly and church of the Firstborn.  It is where we are assembled by one Spirit into one Body, consisting of just men and women made perfect.  This church lives in the Spirit while functioning in the earth, to the end that when this assembly has been made complete, God Himself, with increasing glory, will manifest Himself out of this place called mature sons.’

04 Sam Soleyn

04 Sam Soleyn - 'The original order of rule on the earth was in furtherance of the culture of heaven.  The culture of heaven, in turn, exists to put on display the very nature of God, so the structure of man is not an unintelligent design.  Man is endowed with spirit from the very being of God.'

45 - Holy Spirit – Delegate of The Lord and Christ

The Kingdom of God Holy Spirit – Delegate of The Lord and Christ Sam Soleyn Studio Session 45 08/2004 - 'The point of communion between the Holy Spirit and the human being is the spirit.  The mind of the spirit must rule over the mind of the soul and renew its thinking, premises, and assumptions in order for us to have an actual relationship with the Lord.  Suffering is the means by which the Lord accomplishes this.'

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