ASOM 2017 - Session 7 - Thamo Naidoo

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 7 - Thamo Naidoo - Johannesburg SA - ‘The Kingdom of God, the authority to rule, is given to the sons of God.  The right to rule comes in the form of righteousness, and righteousness means to function in the way God designed us to function in creation.  It is the culture of exercising rule according to a heavenly standard.  The right to rule emanates from knowing our spiritual family lineage, because knowing our spiritual lineage brings us into timelessness.’

ASOM 2017 - Session 6 - Thamo Naidoo

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 1 - Thamo Naidoo - Johannesburg SA - ‘Dominion literally speaks of prevailing without being aggressive, without being carnal, and without being authoritarian, but by exercising righteous rule and reign.  This type of leadership is inherent in all those who have been raised to manage the Father’s estate.  The Kingdom of God comes with His appearing.  It is invisible, but will become visible and tangible through the exercise of rule that will come through the sons of God, the corporate Christ, in the earth.’

Session 6 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 6 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Stephen Everett - 'Jesus is the prototype of sonship development.  He presents to us principles and patterns that God employs to bring sons to maturity.  God will not release a son to function in public ministry until that son has come to maturity.  Sons may be anointed but are not commissioned until God has completed this development process'

Single Women's Conference Part 2

Single Women's Conference Part 2 - The spirit of a son of God when put into the body of a woman is meant to show a specific aspect of God.  A woman is a son because she has the right of inheritance of the Father's name, of the Father's presence and of all of the endowments of the Father.

17 Sam Soleyn Part 1A

17 Sam Soleyn Part 1A - 'Becoming mature is not an accidental occurrence; becoming mature is the product of a very deliberate process.  Maturity is the normal progression intended by God for His household.  A son is willing to be transformed and brought to maturity in order to model God's rule as the vessel that presents Christ.'

75 - The Promises of Sonship

Sonship The Promises of Sonship Studio Session 75 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 -'The first and greatest promise to God's sons is that the glory that belongs to Christ, the Head, remains in the earth to cover His Body.  When you elect to follow Christ in total submission and obedience as living sacrifices, He protects you, provides for your every need, and enables to you fulfill your destiny.'


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