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Ministers of Christ in the Market Place Sept 2016

Capetown 2016 - Ministers in the Market Place - 'God established creation to show Himself as Father.  When Adam rejected his Father, the culture of fatherlessness became the default setting of humanity.  Fatherlessness leaves one with no sense of identity and eventually lawlessness becomes the law.  Spiritual fathers who are conformed to the standard of the Firstborn are the remedy to this culture.'

Bifucation, Church Life, Business Life, Fatherlessness Endemic, Rod, Ruler, Born Again, Assembled to Christ, Standard, Orphan, No Identity, Spiritual Fathers, Raising Sons to Maturity 09/21/2017
Session 1 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 1 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Thamo Naidoo - 'Seasons of God have a lifespan and, while they all come from heaven, we need to know when a season concludes and when a new season has begun.  We are now living in a post-pentecostal, post-charismatic season.  This season is referred to as the apostolic season.  In order to embrace the apostolic season, mindsets must be reconfigured.'

Transition, Reformation, Reprogramming, Repentance, Sons, Born Again Many Times, Illumination, Revelation, Church, Original Design, God's Standard of Government, False Apostles 12/05/2016
Session 2 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 2 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'Prior to creation, God existed as the Deep, the Word, and the Spirit.  He existed as the eternal One in Whom is all knowledge, wisdom, counsel, understanding, and power and therefore worthy of all glory.  He created the heavens and the earth to reveal Himself as Father.  When God said, 'Let there be light,' He was making a declaration that He intended to reveal Himself in that capacity.'

Original Intent, Revelation Interprets Scripture, Heaven Not Eternal, Spirit Searches the Deep, Word Contains Mind of God, Transformed Nature, Corporate Son, Represents God 12/05/2016
Session 3 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 3 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'God is indeed a living being, but because He cannot be contained in a form He must be understood by His attributes.  His most definitive attribute is love and it's what motivated Him to display His nature.  The threshold requirement for love is that there must be another, because love is the ultimate relational term.  The perfect relationship designed to demonstrate love is that of a Father and Son.'

God is a Person, Representation, God Visible Through Another, Ultimate Humility, Son, Only Begotten, Image, Likeness, Firstborn, Eternal Standard, Father Exactly Represented 12/05/2016
Session 4 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 4 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Thamo Naidoo - 'One of the quintessential features of this present season is to bring us back to the Word of God.  In the Word of God, we discover the mind of God and through discovery of the mind of God, we are transported out of time into the eternal.  We then operate no more from the chronology of time, but from timelessness, and in that dimension we discover what God predestined for each of us.'

Mystery of Church, God's Design, The Temple, Sons Assembled, Christ's Church, Ekklesia, Called Out Ones, Extracted, Congregation, Synagogue, Judaism, Legalism 12/05/2016
Session 5 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 5 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Ben Kleynhans - 'The position of a son of God is predetermined by God and speaks to our placement, our status, our rank, or our seat.  The functionality of the power and authority belonging to our position is determined by our posture.  Posture is the particular approach or attitude which reveals the authority of our position.'  

Unlock Wealth of World, Many Relationships With God, Position of Heart, Trials, Self-Denial, Sacrifice, Sonship, Lamb, Totally Abandoned, Kings, Priests, Measurements 12/05/2016
Session 6 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 6 ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Stephen Everett - 'Jesus is the prototype of sonship development.  He presents to us principles and patterns that God employs to bring sons to maturity.  God will not release a son to function in public ministry until that son has come to maturity.  Sons may be anointed but are not commissioned until God has completed this development process'

Precept, Principle, Patterns, Adam, Disconnected from Father, Generations of Orphans, Word Became Flesh, Obedience, Suffering, Submission, Perfect in Love, Culture 12/05/2016
Session 7 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 7 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'When the Word, the pre-existent Christ, came into the world, He declared that He was in the beginning with the Father and that He Himself is God.  And yet, this One who had the power to create all things, came into the world to serve the purpose of the demonstration of the love of God.  The nature of God is that His power is restrained by the requirements of His love.'

Orphans, Power, Provision, Protection, Sweat of Brow, Servant, Son, Represents Father, The Deep, Abides Forever, Washes Mind, New Creation, Pre-Creation Covenant 12/05/2016
Session 8 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 8 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'We have access into the mind of Christ, which is the repository of the knowledge of the Father, through the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives life to our spirits when we are born again, animating the mind of our spirits to the reality that we have a relationship to God as Father and, at the same moment, assembling us to the Body of Christ.'

The Comforter, Man, Image and Likeness of God, Repentance, Word Becomes Flesh, Mind of Soul, Spirit Rules Over Soul, Salvation, Sonship 12/05/2016
Session 9 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016

Session 9 - ASOM Santiago DR 2016 - Sam Soleyn - 'God is inviting us to abandon the depraved mindset of personal ambition to participate in the nature of who He is as revealed in the mind of Christ.  God intends to have a mature people in the earth, for God created heaven so that that which is established in heaven may migrate into the earth and He created the earth to host the revelation of Himself.'

Father's House, Original Intent, Kingdom, Power and Authority, Ability and Right, Heaven, Circles, Throne, 4 Living Creatures, 24 Elders, Representatives of King, Christ 12/05/2016